Helping others is always at the top of the agenda and 3rd Newport Scout Group have done just that and supported another local charity in MK.

MK Storehouse is a project based in Milton Keynes set up to support those in need of clothing in our community. No matter your background, you are welcome.

Who are MK Storehouse and why do we exist?
It’s a shocking fact that today in our city 1 in 4 children are living below the poverty line and in some areas this climbs to 40%! Poverty is widespread and affecting everything from physical, emotional and mental health and many people are struggling to pay for the essentials they and/or their family need.

At MK Storehouse we aim to ensure that any person struggling financially in Milton Keynes is given good, free, quality clothing. It feels like a simple thing, but when we do this we notice time and again how it gives our guests confidence and even more importantly they feel valued.

More than just clothes…
..As well as this, at MK Storehouse we want to meet people where they are at, offering them a friendly ear or someone to talk to, all in a safe and warm environment. We also aim to signpost people to other agencies, who we are in close partnership with, who can help those who want it with other issues they may be struggling with, like debt or addiction, helping them take a step toward improving and changing their situation long term.

3rd Newport Pagnell raised money and was given donations from members for the MK Storehouse this charity helps families within MK.We made up bags of pjs, underwear and a small teddy in each bag.

Image taken from MK Storehouse Social Media.

MK Storehouse posted this on their social media – A huge thank you to the members (and their parents!) of 3rd Newport Pagnell Scout Group. They have made up these fabulous packs containing essential items including pyjamas and underwear for distribution to some of the children in our community that we help. Thank you so much!