Nerf Guns

Available to hire for use anywhere in Milton Keynes.

Our Nerf guns are a simpler version of a full shooting range. Nerf guns use small foam bullets in a tin can alley setting to introduce sections to shooting. Don’t be deceived, it can be just as challenging to hit the target as with our air rifles!

Our equipment is available for you to use at your normal meeting place or at any other location in Milton Keynes. We provide Nerf guns, targets and bullets. If bullets are missing when the equipment is returned we may charge for their replacement.

Our Nerf guns are not to be used in any way other than for tin can alley, range style shooting.

Our Nerf guns do not require a qualified or permitted instructor. Any adult in Scouting who has read the Nerf gun policy and documents can run it. We provide a standard risk assessment for the equipment but you will need to complete your own for the group you intend to use it with.

If you wish to view the equipment or have any questions please get in touch.

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