Changes to the Waiting List & Update

With GDPR now in full swing, and enhancements from Online Scout Manger, the re-organisation of the District into smaller administrative units, Manor, the waiting list has been re-jiggered and  emails have now gone out to all Parents of children on the waiting list.

In the email will be a link to enable parents to check the personal data about their child is correct, as some inaccuracies have snuck through with the online registration form.

The enabling of the email functions too will allow leaders in the manors to contact groups of parents at a time when offering places, it will also facilitate contacting parents who’ve expressed an interest in volunteering as we look to start to grow groups, or where not possible to do so, start new groups, and parents are a key element in that growth.

The Waiting list Checker pages will be updated in the coming days to align with the revised waiting lists, as will the Waiting List FAQ to reflect the changes.

Leaders & Administrators

Please can you check the following:

  • To see if you are able to access the appropriate list for your manor.
  • If you no longer require access as part of your role please email
  • If you had access that hasn’t been transferred email
  • Group Scout Leaders/Group Administrators can you check with your groups to ensure your group is using the central waiting list for offering of places.

Parents/Carers of Children on the List

Please ensure you read and action the email that comes through, failure to do so may result in the removal of your child from the waiting list, these emails will be sent twice a year in June and December to ensure the numbers of young people wanting scouting remains as accurate as we can make it, and also ensure we don’t hold more data than we need to, and forms part of our data auditing processes.

Parents/Carers of Children on the List who said they’d like to volunteer

This is where I, personally, need to apologise. We’ve been working hard in the background to restructure to be able to grow scouting in Milton Keynes sustainably, and I’ve not been as forthcoming with my communications as perhaps I’d like.

In the coming months we’ll be working with the Manor teams to recruit more volunteers for the wide variety of tasks that need doing in order to support scouting in Milton Keynes, whether that’s a section admin to allow leaders to lead, or we’ll be looking for volunteers to take on Activity Leader roles, such as Archery & Climbing, which will involved some training but will also look fabulous on your CV.

We’re aiming to  get a monthly recruitment roadshow together, travelling around the Manors, so we’ll be in each area quarterly. We’re also looking at the various village fetes and community activities we can be invited along to. So we’ll be looking for volunteers for that too!

Parents/Carers of Children NOT on the list, but who would like their child to be involved

First you need to register your child on the Waiting List, then quickest way of getting your child into scouting is to volunteer, that’s the honest truth of the matter. The chronic shortage of adults supporting scouting means we have a waiting list of over 1000 young people who want scouting. We appreciate that is not always fair on parents/carers unable to volunteer, however there are ways to support scouting without ever stepping foot in a scout meeting. We’re working hard to grow Milton Milton Keynes, however there are a number of challenges to doing so:

  • Venues – very few Scout Groups in Milton Keynes have their own premises outright, many share community facilities, so adding new Beaver Colonies is problematic without some planning.
  • Adults – A section needs 2 adults minimum, but as you’d imagine leading 24 young people with just a single sidekick can be hugely daunting, the more parents & carers get involved, the easier being a volunteer becomes.
  • Costs/Fundraising – Scout Groups try their best to keep scouting as cheap as possible, the impact of the Wider Use changes mean budgets in smaller groups are being squeezed tighter in order to keep the cost of scouting down.
  • Active Support – Parents/Carers have skills that can be used to support the wide variety of programme opportunites scouting offers, whether it’s DIY badge making bird boxes, or Jamboree on the Internet (JotI) which needs IT support, there are a myriad of opportunities to #getinvolved.

The more people who engage, support and volunteer their time to support scouting in Milton Keynes the more successful we can be, the more adventures we can offer, and the more young people leave scouting with #skillsforlife

For more information about how you can offer your skills on an ad-hoc or regular basis, please get in touch.

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