Exciting Developments in the Young Leader Scheme

On the 3rd of February Beverley, David and JJ, went to Manchester for the Young Leader Module Development Workshop, to trial the new and redeveloped modules, as well as give feedback on the Young Leader Log Book.
Module F has been redeveloped to now include a wide range of Inclusion topics such as:
– Dyslexia
– Autism
Module J has been introduced to focus on communications and is designed primarily to communicate to a group of people such as:
– Parents
– Young People
– Visitors (Internal and External)
The Young Leader Log Book has been redeveloped from 96 pages to 30 pages, and it now contains information for Young Leader’s, Section Leader’s as well as Group Scout Leaders. It will be easier to track what training has been completed, with a checklist at the front.
Module F & J and the Young Leader Log Book

will be refined further and will be rolled out in approximately 6 Months.
There was also a wide range of networking opportunities with people from all over the UK, as there were people from places such as Edinburgh, Newcastle, Shropshire and many more places. It allowed Young Leaders and Young Leader Leaders to share various ideas about delivering the Training Programme, and things that can be done with Young People in sections.
This is an exciting time for the Young Leader Scheme in the UK, with further developments to come in future years, all with the aim of ensuring Young Leaders get the best training to prepare them for being Young Leaders and Future Adult Leaders.

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