Beavers and Cubs from Loughton Scout Group have been on a virtual space adventure this weekend as they took part in a virtual camp.

82 members from the group took part in the weekend and all members had the opportunity to pack a bag for their space mission, make rockets using balloons and bottles, making telescopes and make parachutes to return to earth. Plus lots more.

They also built their own solar systems whilst learning about the planets.

All the activities that the members took part in have helped towards their badges. Ranging from Space and Astronomer to Cooking and Nights Away.

Rumours had it they also had a party on the moon with DJ Rikki.

We caught up with mission control and they have all made a safe return. Shelly (Akela) had this to say when we caught up with her. We have all had a great weekend and it has been overwhelming seeing all the great rockets and also all the food was certainly making me hungry. We would like to thank all the families for helping us on this special mission. Also huge thanks to all the leaders and helpers that have made this weekend happen.