MK Scouts Help Tigers And Elephants At Woburn Safari Park.

Scouts form MK have been supporting Woburn Safari Park with their Save the Tiger Project and also most recently with the Save the Elephant Project.

Helping the park to raise money to invest into the research and wellbeing of these incredible animals.

They worked really hard to sell wristbands around the park and also helped to manage the fundraising stalls within the park.

This was a fantastic experience for our Young People and Adults, and it is great that MK Scouts can contribute to helping other charitable causes and make a difference to our wildlife.

We are proud to announce that the total raised in joint effort with the park for the Tiger Project was £4000 and the Elephant Project Raised £3500.

Huge Thanks goes to the Scouts and The Adults that helped these projects and another huge Thank You to Woburn Safari Park for allowing us to make a difference.

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