New Scout Brand, New District Website Paint Job

The Scout Association unveiled it’s new branding earlier this month, so we’ve taken the opportunity update the colour scheme, rejig the menus and make the Media Teams life a little easier by integrating posting to social media.

Much like when the Doctor regenerates, the TARDIS does a reshuffle, or when supermarkets re-arrange their aisles, things may not be where you left them last time.

We’re updating a number of features, such as photo galleries, events calendar, the Waiting Lists are getting a reshuffle so they are in line with the new district structure, you’ll be able to subscribe to newsletters, and maybe we’ll even send you some!

Just don’t go looking for the swimming pool….

This is to ensure that the adventures our scouts are having can be readily found, and most importantly, easily shared through social media, and throughout our site network.

We appreciate your patience whilst we jigger things around until we’re happy that the interface enables the core users of Parents, Leaders and other volunteers to access the information and services they need.

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