Pool Competition What a success

Friends of MK Scouts held their first social evening on 29th July and what a ball we had. Pool Tournament at Q Academy. Also had the opportunity to brush up on those Dart skills or Arrows depending on the era.
Nice chilled evening with other adults from across the district socialising and having fun and laughter.
This is the first of many so make sure you don’t miss the next event. Great way to meet people from across the district and you never know you might be able to have a drink or two but more importantly you will leave with a smile and will have had a great time.
Huge thank you goes to Elisa McCarthy for her hard work in organising the event. Everyone had a great time.
Gary Staff was crowned the winner in the final against Chris Yates from 1st Crownhill. Well done to both.
If you have an idea for a social evening event please don’t hesitate to speak to us and let us know what you like. We are one district let’s share our ideas.
Remember scouting is for adults as well and we need to socialise and enjoy the adventure.

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