Admin: Shop Management Basics

In order to administer bookings on The Quarries online booking system you need to have an account with the appropriate permissions.

There are a number of roles within the Bookings Software:

Role Description Bookings Text
Customer A person who purchases products and services from The Quarries  
Vendor Shop Owner The accountable person for the products and services. User to which the shop has been associated. He/she can manage all products in the vendor shop and payment data of the vendor.
Vendor Shop Admins People who can administer products and services Name of the user(s) that will be given the role of administrator of this vendor shop. Each vendor shop admin can manage all products of this vendor shop and information displayed in vendor shop page; you can give this role to any user of your shop that you will enter here and select among the results of an ajax search. Vendor shop admin or admins can be chosen also by the vendor shop owner.
Shop Manager The accountable role for managing the shop across all vendors, products and services  
Administrator Quarries Website Administrator who manages settings outsside the remit of the Shop manager.  
Global Administrator MKScouts Network Administrator who manages the MKScouts site network.  


Within The Quarries store there are two vendors, or shops, they are:

  • Camping and Accommodation – Which manages camping, building bookings, visitors and some of the free activities such as Pioneering
  • Activities – Which manages the activity bookings that require the activity buildings or instructors.

To into the Front End Manager Dashboard, to go

To log into the Bookings Dashboard, which the front end Manager Dashboard cannot do, go to

Documentation for Vendors can be found: Here

Documentation for managing Products can be found: Here

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