Booking Process – Camping & Buildings

Please note this process does NOT apply for whole site bookings, which have slightly different process and Terms

Step # Description
1 Customer selects their preferred dates, and number of people camping per type of person
2 Customer selects any appropriate discounting options (buildings) or preferred site options. Site requests will be considered, however if you have a small number of people we may move you to a smaller site to accommodate a larger booking when considering Sites 1 & 10
3 Customer selects if they require any non-site based options i.e Nights Away Assessor, Wifi access
4 Customer clicks “Request Booking”, which sends the booking off to the Bookings Administrator for consideration.

For Buildings:

At this point it is possible for people to request the same time slot, as availability removed once the booking is confirmed, and not before. Bookings for the same or overlapping dates/times will be considered primarily on a first come/first served basis, and are at the sole discretion of the Bookings Administrator.
Bookings that are unsuccessful will be cancelled and the customer informed so they can pick an alternate date/time combination

For Camping:

Until an booking is confirmed it is possible to request over the 150 campers The Quarries can support, any bookings for a weekend that take the tally over that number will be rejected. Bookings will be considered primarily on a first come/first served basis, and are at the sole discretion of the Bookings Administrator.

5 The Bookings Administrator will then consider the booking, and provisionally assign a site, for camping, this is not confirmed until you arrive on site, as The Quarries reserves the right to re-allocate sites prior to arrival, where possible we will communicate this, please check your Booking on your My Account page frequently to ensure you are kept aware of any changes to your site allocation.
6 The Bookings Administrator will then confirm your Accommodation Booking, which then open up for deposit payment.
7 The Customer pays the deposit and continues planning their camp.
8 Upon arrival our Meet & Greet Team, where appropriate,
9 During the visit we’ll confirm your final camping numbers, if appropriate, and amend your final balance accordingly.
10 You pay your outstanding Balance

2 Responses to “Booking Process – Camping & Buildings

  • Hi Rosie,

    Your contact page is still in error 404 so, booking ref #6521 is for Scout Troop, Weedon Scout Group, Davnetry District, Northamptonshire. Also we are 10 Scouts, 2 Leaders, hope pitch is suitable.

    Also, how we doing re Rifle Target Shooting #6583.



    • Hi Mike

      Apologies for the 404 error. I will mention it to our IT man.

      Yes your booking on site 3 is fine and I will contact Ian Walker who arranges the activities and ask him to contact you.

      Look forward to seeing you next weekend


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