Booking Process – Climbing Wall

Please note this process does exclusively covers the Climbing Wall.

  • Our climbing instructors are currently unable to provide Climbing for:
    • Girl Guides
  • There is a minimum of 60 minutes booking, please check the description to understand the recommended durations for the number of climbers.
Step # Description
1 Customer selects their preferred dates, and time.
2 Customer advises approximate numbers of climbers
3 Customer selects if they require Quarries Instructors or if they will supply their own
4 Customer clicks Request Booking.
5 The Climbing Administrator will then consider the booking, and ensure the Wall is available for your booking, they will then confirm your booking. Please check your Booking on your My Account page frequently to ensure you are kept aware of any changes to your booking.
6 Due to instructor availability, bookings are not confirmed until 3-4 weeks in advance of the booking. This may lead to double bookings requests.
7 Bookings are considered in a first come/first served basis, Climbing Administrator is the ultimate arbiter of the Climbing Wall.
8 Once your booking is confirmed payment becomes due.
9 If you have selected Self Supplied Instructor the Climbing Administrator will add the Gate Code, and Rope Store combinations as “services” to your booking. So please check your your booking online prior to arrival for the codes.
10 If you selected Self Supplied Instructor you will need to upload evidence of your Permit as part of your check out process. Failure to upload your permit evidence will result in the cancellation of your booking, and your payment refunded.
11 Arrive in good time for your slot, about 15-20 minutes before is a good time to advise Parents to ensure your time on the wall is maximised.

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