Reaching Potential

Scouting is all about doing your best, and fulfilling potential, the staged, progressive programme works through the sections from Beavers, which sets them along the path to adventure and skills for life, all the way through to Network and Active Support who share their skills back teaching the next generation the skills they learnt.

There are various paths of achievement in Scouting:


Activity badges are the mainstay of scouting, encouraging young people to explorer a broad range of activities is a key part of volunteering in scouting, directly or indirectly.
Staged Awards cover a wide variety skills, with each stage being more difficult to attain than the one before. Allowing skill progression & mastery to be rewarded
The Chief Scouts Awards are the pinnacle of the younger sections with young people having to complete a number of component awards in order to attain the Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond Awards
The Duke Of Edinburgh programme of awards is internationally recognised, and can be a key element in a Personal Statement when applying for Further & Higher Educatoin
The Queens Scout Award is the pinnacle of scouting achievement, and requires a lot of support, planning and doing to make it happen
Adults don’t volunteer for the pay, pension or working conditions, however scouting does recognise those who contribute in a number of ways, from Silver Acorns and Silver Wolves for lengthy service records, to Award for Merit’s and the best reward is a young person or their parent recognising the lasting positive impact you’ve had on them and their child

Scouting volunteers in any role are key to helping our young people thrive, learn and challenge themselves to be the best they can be.

We look forward to you joining us on our journey.

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