Volunteer Stories

Have you ever kissed a Grinch? I have.

But only because I run a Beaver Colony.

I have had many amazing experiences that only happened because I have 24 girls and boys that I "borrow" every week and occasionally at the weekend too.  In the short time I have been involved together we have been hiking, camping, go-karting, climbing, shooting, trampolining and tobogganing.

We have visited an observatory and stared at the moon, learnt how to keep safe at Hazard Alley and climbed the church tower to see the bells and had a go at ringing them.

Sometimes the visitors come to us, we have met the police, guide dogs, and lots of creepy crawlies.

We have tried karate, light-sabre martial arts, mindfulness, Irish dancing and archery.

We have made pinhole cameras, origami frogs, Diwali light jars and even made plastic out of milk. (Yes, really).

What would you like to try?
Beaver Storm (Dawn M.)

‘Two things matter in life: following your dreams and looking after your friends. This is what I love about Scouting. It’s about doing great things, loving and enjoying the great adventures and helping others to do the same.

Bear Grylls

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