Scouting Represented At The Royal Wedding In The Words Debbie Pritchard

Having heard the news that Prince Harry and Meghan were inviting members of the public to attend the grounds of Windsor Castle to share their Wedding day celebrations I did not expect for one moment to be one of those sent an invitation, it took a while for the reality of the situation to settle in, why me? I do not see what I do as any different to the time given by a great number of talented individuals who volunteer in scouting across the UK. It gave me a sense of pride that I could attend to represent all those volunteers in Scouting, across MK, Buckinghamshire, and Britain. The day of the Wedding was a fantastic experience from the assistance of the Castle staff, to the position we had within the grounds that gave a view of Harry and William running down to St.George’s chapel and Tudor gate that Meghan and the Page boys drove through, to our view of the South entrance that the main guests entered the Chapel. I was honored to be within 6 feet of the Royal horse and carriage as the Newly married couple left the Tudor Gate. Immediately after the ceremony, we were invited inside the Chapel to see all the beautiful flowers. a wonderful day and memories that will stay with me forever. I feel very honored and still can’t believe I

was actually there. The Cubs requested a Royal Tea party to celebrate the wedding, with me attending in exactly the same outfit that I wore on the day.

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