Scouts Do Ready Steady Cook

On Thursday 16th May the Scout Section here in MK held their annual Ready Steady Cook Competition and all the Scouts that took part put their hearts and soles into the food and were very competitive.

They worked as a team to create 2 Hot Courses, of Starter and Main.

Maximum cost £10.00.

All meals must have had at least 4 ingredients of 1 meat and 3 vegetables, or a vegetarian, 1 vegetarian item and 3 vegetables. Or 4 Vegetables.

All vegetables had to be fresh and prepared on site.

1 Simple ingredient in a tin for sauce or flavor (tinned tomatoes),1 piece of fruit is allowed.

All teams managed to keep to the rules.

Huge thank you to all the judges that did so very well in tasting all the dishes and deciding on a winner from a points system.

Well done to all 6 teams that took part.

Winning Team was Olney Way To Cook (1st Olney) who were the winners

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