Submit Your Own News

As part of our continual improvement activities for our website, we’re now trialing the ability for Members to be able to submit their news directly onto the website. This will then be subject to the normal editorial process prior to publishing, which may involve spelling, grammar and minor changes to the format to make it easier to read.

You will be able to upload up-to 10 photographs to your news article, again these are subject to editorial process.

We hope this will allow the 2000 youth and adult members of MK Scouts to share their scouting adventures with the widest audience possible, and tell their own stories.

Where submitted articles would also be of relevence across the MKScouts network of websites, we’ll syndicate the content to those sites. For example if the article is about a camp at The Quarrries, we’ll share that article to The Quarries website, if it is Jamboree/Kanderstag related we’ll share it to International.

We look forwards to receiving, and sharing your news!

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