Where is my child currently on the Waiting List?

The Waiting List is not strictly linear, a number of factors will be taken into consideration to ensure that the young person gets a quality time in scouting.  Which may mean if your child gets close to the upper age range for their current section, they will be bumped to for consideration to the next section.


For example Johnny has been on the list since he was 4 years old, a place has come up at the nth Milton Keynes, but he is now 7 years and 10 months old. Janey has been on the list since she was 5, and it 5 years 10 months old, it is likely that the place will be offered to Janey over Johnny, because Janey will have more time in Beavers than Johnny will. By the time Johnny has settled in it’ll be time to move him to cubs, and unsettle him again.

Johnny would also have little opportunity to complete his Chief Scouts Bronze Award in the 2 months.

Our preference is to maximise  the experience for the young person, over strict linear churn through the waiting list.

The ages at which the Waiting List Administration Team move young people between lists is as follows:

Waiting List Name Age Ranges
WannaBeavers 0 years – 5 years 10 months
Manor List 5 years 10 Months – 13 years 6 months
Explorers 13 years 6 months – 18 years


However there may be some local variations as to when they stop offering a section in lieu of the next section.

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