What about Stripe, your payment processor?

We use Stripe to process credit card payments, we do not store your credit card details within your webstore account. More information on how Stripe use your data can be found on the Stripe website:

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Who do you share my data with?

We will not share your data outside of MK Scouts, unless there is a requirement to do so when booking Events supplied by third parties, such as Gillwell (WinterCamp) or Tolmers (Fire & Ice) for example. This will be clearly indicated on the product prior to purchase. By continuing to purchase that product you are allowing us on a CONSENT basis to share the data with that specific third party.

If we are queried by your scouting line manager, such as your Group Scout Leader, regarding a booking, we will confirm with them whether a direct report has made a booking on behalf of a section or Group (MK Scouts Only). This is to assist with local bookings.

If requested to by appropriate authorities such as Law Enforcement we will co-operate fully.

What do you do with the data you have on me?

Over your lifetime as a customer of MK Scouts we’ll be able to see what you buy, when you buy it, and how much you have spent with us as a customer.

We may use this information, with your optional consent, to make you aware of price changes, special offers, or in case of emergencies when there is an issue with an eventĀ  or product you have bought from us.

Our Vendors, MK Scouts internal suppliers such as Gang Show, The Quarries, and Tech Support, also have access to your customer information in order to process your orders.

What Data do you Collect on me?

MK Scouts Webstore collects data from you in order to process your order, so this will be name, address, in some cases payment details, email address and phone numbers.

We also collect web related statistics such as the referring website, which country you are from.