Milton Keynes Gang Show

Ralph Reader – “Mr Gang Show” started the shows in 1932. As an actor and a choreographer and Rover Scout, Ralph was asked by his District Commissioner to produce a show that the boys could sing and act in and raise money for a local Swimming Pool. From then till now, over 80 years “The Scout Gang Shows” still survive in many Halls, Clubs, Theatres and nowadays involve girls and Girl Guiding.
The Shows started in London, now they are all over the UK and also apart of the Scouts Jamboree experience. The shows then consisted of mainly boys, who would perform small sketches and sing songs that where either popular at the time or specially written for the shows by Ralph Reader. Girls and Guiding are now a part the shows so the boys don’t have to dress up too often as women – but we cant stop some of the older men?
To this day Ralph Readers sketches and some of his Songs are mixed in with traditional Old and New popular songs, plus some that have been written by budding writers and singers in the Scouts and Guides. These are then performed at every Gang Show by boys and girls who want to entertain and show of a talent.
Milton Keynes Gang Show was started in 1989 and has been in many venues around Milton Keynes and has involved many Scouts and Guides both young and old. Every one remembers there time in a gang show and can sing one or two of the songs in the show including the famous “Crest of a Wave”. Every show is unique and every performance shows that talent within Guiding and Scouting in Milton Keynes in Strong. With many other dance and stage schools in the area, plus many performances by other youth groups it has to change with the times, to attract talent into each and every show. We are proud to wear the Red Scarf – a sign of a High Gang Show Standard, which we get assessed periodically and a standard we don’t want to loose.
It amazes many people when we say its all voluntary and all the money raised goes back into the show as its the young members that benefit from the experience and confidence it gives you when performing in front of 100’s of people. That’s why so many people stay in the show year after year, yes its a social and yes its hard work but enjoyable and fun at the same time. If you want to be apart of the show either on stage, back stage or even a contributor then please contact us and we can inform you of how and where we rehearse and how you can get involved.
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Milton Keynes Gang Show

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