1st Wolverton Beavers have recently been working on the Money Skills Activity Badge and raised £80. They have decided that they wanted to donate this to a charity in Milton Keynes called Baby Basics.

Here is what Baby Basics Does:

Baby Basics MK is a non-profit making charity dedicated to supporting families living in Milton Keynes and the immediate surrounding area who are in financial hardship.

All families can experience times of difficulty. For some families, these times can be overcome by the support of friends, wider family and access to services. For others they see no way out of the situation and the weight of their problems cause them to feel:

  • Frustrated
  • Afraid
  • Feel not good enough
  • Overwhelmed
  • Isolated

A latest study completed by MK Community Foundation  estimated (10,900) 17.7% of children are living in poverty,  although some areas of Milton Keynes show child poverty rates as high as 32%.*

Together we can make a difference in these families lives.

Beavers had the opportunity to visit the centre where the magic happens and see how their money was going to help these people in need. They also got the chance first hand and making a difference by sorting jigsaws, packaging up toothbrushes and checking coats.

Lynn (Beaver Volunteer) said “Our beavers worked extremely hard to raise the money that they did and we feel that this is a great way for them to see where their efforts go. They all had a great time at the centre and we know that Baby Basics will make good use of our donation. Thank you to the team at Baby Basics for allowing us to see behind the scenes”