Bucks County Beaveree 2017

Every two years the county organises an event for all the Beavers in the county. Unlike the Gilwell event that is every year, so most Beavers will only get one chance to attend. This year over 800 Beavers attended taking part in all things Space and outdoor Challenge.

The sun shone for us at Paccar though the site is always windy being up in the Chiltern’s. I went down the day before the event to set up the event shelters and a tent for storage of bags for the day.

Bright and early we meet up at the old bus station opposite the train station for the coach to take us to Paccar. Going by coach were Oxley Park, 5th Newport Pagnell and Loughton. We set off and found an unusual way to Paccar, I don’t think the driver will take route finder as the be all now. You can’t bet a map! The Saint drove down in several cars, so just under 50 Beavers went from Milton Keynes.

Bases ran from 10 to 12.15 with a break for Lunch and then continued from 1 to 3pm.

There were craft bases, from making space ships to branding stars. Water rockets to compressed air rockets. Paper planes to plating bracelets.

Climbing too bouncy helter-skelter. Fireman to the Mayor to talk to. Police car and fire engine. Caving to star gazing. Tracking to wildlife identification.

At 3pm while the leaders took down the tents and packed the kit into coaches. There was a Trick bike show for the
Beavers to watch while the leaders were busy. We arrived back a little late as we had been blocked in at the car park.
But all home safe and tired at 5.30pm.

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