Making Volunteering Easier to Start….

One of the challenges MK Scouts faces is making it easier to engage with, and volunteer for. MK Scouts has around 400 adult volunteers across Milton Keynes who give up thousands of hours of their time to help young people across Milton Keynes.

But we always need more, people move-on, through changes in work, changing family needs and in some cases there is moving on within scouting to other roles. So there is a constant need to find people who want to join the adventure and share their skills.

In order to make this easier to capture and respond to willing adults we’ve made telling us you want to join easier.

If you go to you can register your interest with us, tell us a little bit about what your availability is like, what age ranges your interested in, which groups you might be interested in joining or whether you would like to join one of our Active Support Units whose adults offer their specialised skills for Media, DIY/maintenance, fundraising and other skills to support the 1500 young people across Milton Keynes

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