MK Beavers take on the Crystal Maze Challenge at Beaver Sleepover

The Crystal Maze Challenge

This year we decided to do it a bit different instead of working for a badge, we thought we would look at some of the parts of badges. One part we looked at was problem solving and team work and along came the idea of The Crystal Maze programme.

So the leaders went off to come up with some great ideas and what an amazing afternoon they came up with.
T – Transporting items.
H – Hugh puzzle cub
E- Enigma code breaking

C – Chicken, corn and fox crossing the river.
R – River run
Y – Yawning Children
S – Sterilizing water
T – The Bouncy castle promise
A – Arrow Trail
L – Laser Maze

M – Many watery holes
A – A picture trail
E – Excellent – Ted.

This was only part of the weekend, as the weekend started on Friday with the first group of Beavers coming for the sleepover from Friday to Saturday.
Five groups arrived full of bouncy and bags as big as themselves. Once all were sorted with their sleeping arrangements, we gathered together for a safety talk before our walk into the village. With a slow walk along the dry bed cannel and after crossing the lock we walked through the village and back onto site. Where supper was waiting for them. After getting ready for bed the beavers choose a film to watch before bed. Everyone was tucked up in bed and asleep by just after midnight.

Morning came to fast for most leaders, but excited Beavers were again full of energy for the day ahead. With a full breakfast in side of them, came the first challenge of the day washing up. Followed by a round robin of bases, Shooting, Archery, Caving, packing up camp and making Lunch.

During lunch the next group of sleepover Beavers and 2 day groups of Beavers groups were arriving.

Now it was time for the Beaver Yell. Hope they heard us in Cosgrove we do try….

The Crystal Maze then followed for several hours before the snack of burgers and hotdogs.
Just to make sure everyone had, had a good run around we played a wide game before Camp Fire.

Now it was time for those that arrived Friday to go home along with the day Beavers.

Time for round two to begin with another 4 groups, and another walk into the village, followed by dinner and movie before bed. In the morning the round robin was done again by the new groups.
Learning the same lessons as the day before, and home time soon arrived.

And how quick does your weekend go with 170 scouts !

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