AtoZ -D Dawson Road Project AtoZ -B Beavers Flying the Flag AtoZ - S What's brown and sticky? AtoZ -AAchievement Recognition AtoZ -VOur Volunteers AtoZ -OOutdoor Adventure AtoZ -QOur Resources AtoZ -WWater Activities AtoZ -IInternational
AtoZ -D
Dawson Road Project
Our latest project to increase spaces to address the largest waiting list in the uk, with the largest Group in the UK
AtoZ -B
Beavers Flying the Flag
Beavers enjoying the sun whilst parading on St Georges Day
AtoZ - S
What's brown and sticky?
A stick (Courtesy of Baldrick)

AtoZ -A
Achievement Recognition
Recognised for your achievement in scouting

AtoZ -V
Our Volunteers
We Recognise our Volunteers

AtoZ -O
Outdoor Adventure
We Love the Outdoors

AtoZ -Q
Our Resources
We are proud to own Quarries Scout Campsite, Cosgrove Milton Keynes

AtoZ -W
Water Activities
On the water on our international trip to France

AtoZ -I
Our Jamboree and Kandesteg Participants


Beaver Sleepover at Safari MK

140 Beavers from across MK have taken over Safari MK soft play and party venue for the District Beaver Sleepover. Yes you heard it…

1st Crownhill Scout Group sell the winning ticket

1st Crownhill Scouts are celebrating selling the winning ticket on the Community Foundation car raffle,  William and Dawn from the group were invited…

*15% Off Uniforms 4 Day Deal*

Great Deal Alert. The Scout Shops are offering a 15% off uniforms but this deal is not here to stay. Running for…

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