All Aboard The Golden Hinde

1st Middleton Beavers and Cubs recently embarked on an overnight adventure aboard the Golden Hinde in London. 

The visit started on the Saturday morning where they set off from Oakgrove School and headed to London on the coach, we were entertained by Akelas musical talents as she played her Accordion which was a bit hit with everyone. 

Once we arrived in London, we dropped all our kit off at the Golden Hinde and headed off to the Imperial War Museum. Whilst at the Museum our young people got the opportunity to see lots of history in regard to the war and we feel that this was a great opportunity to see especially this close to Remembrance and with it being 100 years since WW1.

After the museum, we headed back to the ship where we were greeted by the staff and all the young people dressed up in Victorian sailor outfits ready for the evening entertainment that was supplied by the staff onboard. They all got the opportunity to work in the different areas of the ship including the gun deck where they got the chance to re-enact the firing of the cannons. 

Then it was time for dinner which was a traditional Victorian meal of Vegetable Stew and Bread before getting our beds ready on the gun deck and settling down for the night. 

On Sunday Morning we took a walk along the river to see HMS Belfast up to Tower Bridge and back to the ship past Tower of London. 

We were also lucky to have a visit from Poldy Van Lynden who is one of the national Scout Explorers who came onto the ship and provided a very inspiration chat to the young people about his recent adventure Arch 2 Arctic. The young people asked some very good questions and they truly enjoyed the chat and some now want to do a similar challenge when they are older. More info can be found here –

As ADC Media for the district, I was invited along to spend the night with the group and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would certainly recommend this trip to anyone that has not done it yet. 


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