Viking age Bjorn again for MK Cub Scouts

Over 100 Cub Scouts from across Milton Keynes experienced the true life of Vikings over the weekend 100 + Cubs participated in activities from firelighting, to forming battle formations with the Vikings. Mary, Cub Scout, said her favourite activity was…

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Jason Raggett – Deputy District Commissioner

Milton Keynes Scouts are delighted to announce the appointment of Jason Raggett as the Deputy District Commissioner. We are delighted to announce that Jason Raggett has been successful in his application to become a Deputy District Commissioner in Milton Keynes….

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When the Squirrels spotted Santa!

The 1st Wolverton Squirrels spent their Thursday meeting saying hello to the symbol of Christmas, Santa Claus. On a cold winter’s night, and all throughout Wolverton not a creature was stirring, other than the Squirrels from the 1st Wolverton Scout…

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Coniston Cubs Shoot for the Stars!

26th Milton Keynes Coniston Cubs Scout group had a blast tonight as they completed a series of space activities linked to the Cubs Astronomer Activity Badge and held a badge ceremony to award Chief Scout Silver.

Squirrels Move Into Wolverton Scout Hut!

Have you heard that the Squirrels of Wolverton have built a new drey in the Scout Hut, and they are all having such great fun and adventure! Thursday marked a special occasion for 1st Wolverton and Milton Keynes Scouts as…

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Scouts & Saxons at the Quarries!

Our 26th Milton Keynes Scout Troop travelled back to Saxon times over the half term when they joined the UK branch of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) at their 2022 “Fall Camporee” event. The BSA were running their camp…

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