I’m Charlotte Spalding – Your New District Youth Commissioner

My background:
I joined Scouting at the age of 11. I joined because I was a very active child and was part of lots of sports clubs but unfortunately got diagnosed with a back condition which meant I could no longer participate. Scouting gave me an opportunity to belong to something which did not require me to be fit and healthy all the time. Over the years I have struggled with my health, I have a long- term disability, and Scouting has always been the one continuous thing in my life. I want to give other young people the same opportunities I had. I love the fact that Scouting is so inclusive, you don’t have to be a certain type of person to join and participate, we can always adapt it to suit your needs.
I moved through the Scout Section and then joined Explorers. I became a Young Leader almost immediately and took over as a Cub Section Leader as soon as I turned 18. I have supported the District Team for over a year now and chose to join the team as I wanted to support the whole District and not just one group.

My goals:
My role objectives are going to continue to develop as the District evolves and grows. I want to support groups in getting their voices heard and encourage the young people to take an active role in YouShape Scouting and wish to support leaders in providing this. I hope to encourage more young people to continue volunteering once they turn 18, whether that be here or wherever life takes them.