MK take on Rotary Swimathon

Beavers, Cubs and Scouts taker on the Rotary swimathon 2020 and achieve some fantastic results. 

Here is what a spokesman from 1st Middleton had to say. 
“We had 26 swimmers in total helping to raise money for 6 local charities. 4 swimmers were from 1st Walton and 9 swimmers were leaders!
“We had 2 beavers, 9 Cubs, 5 scouts and the rest leaders take part. We raised over £300 sponsorship. The team who swam the most lengths were made up partly of leaders and they swam 158 lengths (this was one of the highest ranking team for total number of lengths swam throughout the whole swimathon day which ran from 9am to 5pm). In total we swam 550 lengths of 25m between all the teams. That’s over 8 miles of swimming in 55 mins”

Great achievement by all and as a district we congratulate them all. 

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