MK Scouts have been helping with the MK Marathon for a number of years now and its great they have been able to join in with the 2022 run. With over 5000 runners taking part the the Scouts play a massive part in looking after the baggage area. Making sure each runners bag is in number order and looked after whilst they are out on the route.

Working with the Arena team they provide a vital part to the operation of the marathon. This year the Scouts also got an opportunity to be involved in other parts like goody bags and medals.

Also joined by members from MK Girlguiding who played a massive part in support on the day.

Starting at 7am and running right the way through to 6pm means that this is a very long day for the team. Every Scout and Guide provided service with a smile making sure the runners felt welcomed and looked after.

Jason Raggett – Lead Volunteer for event said – Its been 2 years since we have done the marathon and I was a little worried but this was soon changed when I saw the troops arrive. Over 30 Scouts, Explorers, Guides and Volunteers supported and all i can say is wow. Its like we have never been away. I think the term “well oiled machine” is an understatement. I would like to say a huge thank you to all that attended and supported. You hard work and dedication was tremendous.

Andy (Race Director) said – The Scouts and Guides are a vital part to the operation of the marathon and a you have smashed it again. They are a credit to your organisation and Thank You to every single one. #

Also our Jamboree and Grand Tour Participants had the opportunity to fundraise with a stand on the concourse of the stadium selling cakes, drinks, sweets etc. Also sharing the adventure that they have been selected for with the general public.