Two young people help their mum after a fall

Meet Finley aged 9 who is a Cub from 1st Wolverton Scout Group and his sister Rosie aged 6 a Beaver Scout, but more than that they are true heroes and here is why.

One early morning their mum jumped out of bed to attend to an alarm that was going off downstairs at 4am that had been set accidently and with the combination of jumping up and rushing downstairs with low blood pressure this made mum feel very poorly very quickly. As she was reaching for her phone, she passed out and banged her head which resulted in a cut to the head.

When mum came around, she was covered in blood and noticed that she had a large cut to her head. She managed to make her way back to her bedroom but felt too poorly to move from her bed to get her phone. Mum said she knew she needed to get help but could not get her phone to call anyone.

Mum called Finley who was sleeping in his room but when he heard his mum calling, he came running to the rescue with his sister Rosie.  Seeing his mum bleeding and not in a good way at all must have been scary but Finley jumped into action and called his dad to come home from work and got his mum some tissue and a cold compress for her head. Finley asked his sister to get mum some cold water to drink.

Finlay and Rosie worked together to comfort their mum who was panicking and very distressed they both did an amazing job.

When we spoke to mum, she said “I really don’t know what I would have done without them both as I was in a really bad way. They both worked together and made sure they called for help and getting me tissue to stop the bleeding and the cold compress to stop the swelling. To be able to do all this whilst staying calm and telling me that I am going to be ok shows that they are true heroes. Seeing me in this way for a 9 and 6-year old must have been terrifying.”

Mum has now recovered and this is all thanks to the quick thinking and skills that Finlay and Rosie have learnt.

Both young people will be awarded with the Commissioners Commendation Award that is awarded by the District Commissioner and will be presented to them shortly.

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